An Open Letter to Halifax

I can’t help but notice that the level of hubris, disdain and general apathy in this city seems to grow on a daily basis.  Don’t we all wan’t a better, safer, politer city? Its time we all took action.  it doesn’t have to be hard.  Try to do something easy today, and every day, and think of others first.

Some examples:

  • Return your shopping cart to the corral. And actually stack them.
  • Use the garbage can.
  • If you make a mistake in traffic, go with it, and turn around, don’t endanger others and yourself to cut across the lane. You won’t lose more than a couple minutes, of which you’d be at a light anyway.
  • Save handicapped spaces for those that really need them.
  • If a cashier opens, let the person who waited longest go there, don’t take off from the end of the line.  They waited longer than you.
  • When you are leave a building, move aside from the doorway that others have to use.

Its really simple folks, lets start acting like we want to be treated, and stop acting as if the world is ours alone.

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