Old and Decrepit

Da Bike

Da Bike

Well that’s not news really, I’ve been decrepit for a while, and old since I was young!

I’ve never been “in shape” I guess, but I was when I was younger fit.  While I couldn’t keep up with Eric Cooper in the woods, I could make my way in there! And I used to like to run and in high school ran 10k without even noticing it. Camping and hunting and fishing helped too.

But a sedentary lifestyle catches up with you. I’ve not gotten any bigger in nearly 20 years, but I’ve not gotten smaller either, and get winded going up and down stairs.

However, I cannot even force myself to go to the gym, I just find it too boring and not enjoyable, and I need to enjoy things or I won’t do them, period. I used to like to play ball hockey, and softball, and curling, all of them badly! But I did enjoy them, but somewhere along the line, my knees started acting up and any kind of “impact” to them makes them pop and swell.

I have always liked riding bike though, not as a means to get anywhere, but just for the ride.  The feel of the wind in my lack of hair, just something feels “free” about it, I assume the motor cycle riders feel the same.  But I have to be honest, being a small town boy, the thought of riding in the city has and does scare the bejesus out of me.

That said, I wanted to do something, and something I’ll enjoy.  So with the aid of our company, having just reinstated a fitness allowance, I purchased a decent bike.  Did a fair bit of research, and rather than just going and getting a Walmart or Canadian Tire thing (not that there is likely anything wrong with those either, but still need to know what model actually “fits” you) I asked for advice at a local bike shop.

Buying local is always nice too, and they took the time to explain features, types, etc to me.  In the end I bought a Giant Cypress LX model.  Was on sale, not the cheapest thing in the world, but not that much more expensive than a department store model either.

Its a hybrid road/trail model, built for comfort, with lots of cushioning for these old man bones and joints.  Not as light (or expensive!) as a road model, but lighter than a heavy duty mountain bike. And I’m in no means in shape enough to tackle off road or non groomed trails anyway!

I got it last Thursday, and am taking it slow.  I don’t need any heart attacks! Doing loops of my cul-de-sac to start.  That’s got some uphill, some down, nothing too steep, but it is steep enough that I have to work a little.  I started with a 1k ride, and that was manageable. Have gotten that up to about 2.5k now, or 6 loops of the cul-de-sac.  The neighbours probably think I’m crazy!

I can feel the legs burn a little, and the shoulders and legs are a little sore, but a good kind.  And its still fun, even after all these years. Am worrying less about the city ride, and looking forward to the time I can tackle a groomed trail, and perhaps the huge hill I live on 🙂

Hoping to be able to ride to and from work by end of summer, but I can’t say if that’s realistic or not.  Getting there (to new office) I can do now! Getting back, up Moir’s Mill Road (steep hill) not so much!  May be a bit of a stretch to think of riding up that hill in my first year at all to be honest, but we’ll see.  I think tho even before that, I’ll be able to throw a rack on the car and ride somewhere for a decent distance.

Main goal is to be able to get some better cardio, to be able to breathe better.  Weight loss may come too, but even if it doesn’t, it should be a “better” weight.

Don’t really expect many to read this, but I did want to babble somewhere, and this will be a good place and way for me to keep track of my progress.

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