Sherlock Holmes

Just tidying my DVD’s and looking at all my Granada TV Sherlock Holmes episodes with Jeremy Brett.  In my opinion, he was the best Holmes, the part was made for him, or he for it.  The shows are also remarkably true to the stories, which I should also probably re-read in tandem with a re-watch.

Would love to get these on blu-ray, if only for the slimmer cases, but don’t seem to be available anywhere.  There are quite a few and take up a lot of space on my shelf!

WATSON! The game’s afoot!

March Madness of a different sort

I am or used to be at least a fairly big sports fan, but I’ve found myself somewhat disillusioned over the years.  It’s refreshing for me when this time of the year rolls around then, because as everyone knows, its time for curling!!!  (If you thought I was gonna say March Madness, pffft on you!)

I love the game, the strategy, the shot making, I even love Vic Rauter’s tired and true commentary.  I know outside Canada, and Northern Europe it’s a sport that hardly anyone has heard of, but it is growing from what I can see, most likely because of its Olympic Exposure.

I only wish there was more of it on tv, displacing some of the other crap, but we mainly only see the national and world championships.  Would love to see more from whatever source, worldwide.

Hurry broadcasters, hurry hard!

Classic (to me) regional tv

So many tv shows from the past have been released on dvd, but I’d love to be able to get some of what were to me local classics.

Any Newfounlanders remember Up At Ours, Tales From Pigeon Inlet, Wonderful Grand Band?

I’d love to re-live these.  I’ll always remember Ray Guy’s comic reading boarder character on Up At Ours.

Am sure there are some I’m forgetting too, and of course many from other regions I’ve never heard of.

Any favorites?

Hopping around

Been hopping around, looking at blogging platforms, but always end up back here.  Tried posterous for a few days, but it just doesn’t have the customization.  In any event, over there I had said I planned to post every day, and I did and do, but I have missed some days.  Been crazy busy with work, and after not really interested in sitting and writing.

For all those that want to hear what I have to say (I can see the vast endless sea of nothingness) ie: me – I will try to start posting regularly again!

Let there be lite

I wonder who uses all the features in some of our computer apps. Take word for example, the tool bar ribbon has more things to do than I can mention, yet finding a save button is difficult.

I’m sure lots of these features are awesome, but how many people use them? I want a word processor that lets me write a simple document. Oh and one that doesn’t second guess me. Hello, Microsoft, yes I did want to end my list, no i dont want that indented. Stop changing what i do!

Power users may need lots of these features, but I’m not paying for all the chaff, give me a lite version for a reasonable price, and I’ll condider you, but till then, for me, and anyone I recommend to, it’ll be a free alternative be it app, or online.

Shit or get off the pot Halifax!

That’s what my Dad used to say about people who waffled.  Though he likely wouldn’t have called it waffling or indecisive, I’m sure he’d have had other more colorful terms.

But in whatever terms you want to use, Halifax needs a leader, or council that will do just that.

No matter what your take is on the issues here, you have to agree that the current council’s policy of ignore it till it goes away doesn’t work.

Come on people make a decision and stick to it. Are you going to sell St. Pats? or not? Keep the oval? or not? Allow beer sponsorship? or not?

And one more that seems to have fallen off the radar again, a stadium for the FIFA Women’s world cup.  We wanted to host a game or more, and for that we need a stadium. Deadlines to say yay or nay have come and gone. 

Maybe the council read too much Douglas Adams who said “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

In some ways I’d like a stadium, to be able to host world class events, to maybe get a CFL team.  But I also understand money could be spent on schools and roads which we need too.  What I don’t agree with is the way council seems to just want to delay the decision till its too late to actually make one. “Oh, I’m sorry we can’t get a stadium now because we missed the deadline, studying it to death”  Come on Peter Kelly et al, shit or get off the pot already!

And my last rant for this one, we are in the middle of a transit strike here, affecting a great many people getting to school and work.  And what does council decide? We don’t need a meeting today, not enough on the agenda.  And they then even waffled on that decision.

I’ve never been much into municipal politics, but changes are needed. Whether those already there can change themselves remains to be seen, but if not, I’ll be casting my municipal vote for the first time ever soon.


I looked at my first 3D tv “programming” yesterday at Best Buy. And I have to admit I am pretty intrigued and impressed.  So I came home to research it a little.  Turns out that while it looks great, tv programming is pretty much non-existent here.  There are some blu-rays being made available, but not a huge amount.

I guess even for someone like me, a geek who loves to have everything as soon as i comes out, I’ll be waiting a while yet.

Its Super Snack Sunday!

For me at least! I really am not interested in seeing the Pats win ( hate hate hate), and not a real big fan of the Giants either.  But hey, its the Super Bowl! I have my pepperoni, cheese, chips… what else can I have to mucn on tonight?


A cold February Saturday morning has reared its head.  -10 C here this morning, but the day is started, cup of coffee in hand.  

My exciting plans of cleaning and recycling will come to fruition soon! Just as soon as I get groceries.  

Don’t envy me my glamourous life please!